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Part 2

Chapter 3: Radish Market

[Lord's bedroom]

Lord: Morning already? The air is so... what... Sola? Black hair? No, you are Lily. Why are you wearing Sola's dress, and more importantly, why are you lying on top of me?

Lily: Her dress smells like meadow in broad daylight with a slight hint of lemon. Do you want to smell it?

Lord: You are not answering my question, are you?

Lily, shoving herself onto the lord's face: Smell it.

Sola, wearing a kind of towel that looks like it is made from some sort of plant, walks into the room.

Sola: Could you give me back my dress, Lily? Please don't get it from me when I take a bath. We maidens only have one dress, as it is like a part of our body.

Lily: Ok.....ok. I was just having some fun.

Sola: I'm sorry, my lord, that you have to see me in such an unpleasant condition.

Lord: It's OK, Sola. Please do not worry about it.

Lord thinks: [I don't mind at all, Sola. Do it again tomorrow]

[A while later]

Sola, back in her usual dress: Queen of Rose has just sent us this week of fund.

Sola drops a big bag full of gold coins onto the bed.

Lord: Wow! Isn't that too much? There are like almost 5,000 gold coins in there.

Sola: Normally they are kept in our royal treasury, but since now you are awake from your long slumber. So I guess I might give it to you directly for a change.

Wevil: Wow! These coins are so beautiful. May I have some, my lord?

Lord: Is it OK if I....

Sola: Do you want me to chant those boring rhymes again, am I right? [giggle]

Lord: Nope, I always forgot. Thank you, Sola, for everything. Here, Wevil, I give you 500 coins. It's yours now, so you can use it however you want. Have fun.

Iris, waking up: Where would she use it? There are only maidens and trents here. Wevil, I'm saying this again one more time. You are not allowed to go outside the castle's ground alone. You have zero capability to defend yourself and you don't know how bad some human can be, let alone other wild creature like orcs and goblins that might just kill you for fun. Am I right, my lord?

Lord: Ditto. Do exactly as Iris said. This is your lord's command.

Wevil nods.

Iris: I'm sorry I have to play the role of a strict and dominating mother, but I did that for our sisters. Deep inside I am a gentle and obedient housewife type of girl like Violet.

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