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Part 1

Six-years-war has ended, by the strength of only one man.

Everyone calls him "Swordmaster".

Unfortunately, this is not the story of such time of glory, bloodshed and mass murder.

This is the story of a more peaceful time that comes after it.

Almost two years have passed since the end of the war.

Most people still remember the atrocity of the great struggle.

But strangely, almost everyone has forgotten who Swordmaster is, or what he did to this land.

As if memory about him has been magically erased from this world.

Chapter 1: In an Old Castle

[Lord's bedroom]

Yellow girl: Violet, bring Peony here. Our lord is awake. She must be very happy to know this.

Very soon several girls fill up the room. One is a yellow-haired girl with white-yellow dress and a big sunflower on her head. Another one wears princess-like pink dress, with blonde wavy hair and a lot of peony flowers on the back side of her head where her ponytail could have been.

Lord, talking to the pink girl: Who are you?

The pink girl turns her face away angrily.

Lord: What?!

Lord, talking to the yellow girl: What is this place? Where am I?

Yellow girl: What? My lord, are you telling me you don't remember us?

Purple girl: This is not your joke again right? You always make grim joke like this.

Lord: Oh really, did I?

Yellow girl : I think it could be real. He even said before his long slumber that he might not remember us when he woke up. Weren't you also there when he said it?

Purple girl: Oh I start to remember now. Forgive me. It has been one full year. By the way, my name is Violet, my lord.

Lord: One year? I was sleeping for that long? Tell me everything else I need to know. I don't remember a thing.

Yellow girl: My name is Sola. I am one of the maidens born to serve you. My body and soul belong to you alone. You are a king of this castle and the creator of all of us. We are born from flowers and are bound to serve you by yggdrasil's blessing, which is a magic from the yggdrasil tree that give birth to all of us maidens.

Sola: You should ask Peony, she is the first-born and the eldest maiden. Eh? where is she?

Grey-haired girl: She is gone, Sola. She seemed to be angry about something.

Violet: I'm not sure why she is not here, my lord. I often see her fell asleep on your bedside while you were sleeping. You can surely talk to her later.

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