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Part 5

Chapter 9: Pile the Goblin Slayer

[Windy’s castle, lord's bedroom]

Violet: Good morning, my lord. Huh, why Lady Isabelle is sleeping here.

Sola:.....and naked.

Iris: It's our tradition that men and women....blah...blah...blah...

Isabelle covers herself with a blanket and cries.

Peony: It seems you have been enjoying your property all night long. Please excuse me. I have some work to do.

Peony walks away.

Elena: My lord, did you...? Well, not my business, but I guess I'd better continue serving Lady Isabelle.

Elena walks away.

Lord: Wait... no... I don't really know what happened.

Isabelle is still crying.

Lord: Stop crying now! and talk!

Isabelle: Ok...ok.. last night I just wanted to try sleeping on this bed, and fell asleep here. Then it's rather hot in here. So, I took off my clothes. That's all.

Lord: And your tears?

Isabelle: Oh, this? Some pollens got into my eyes.

Lord: Pollen, yeah, pollen.... Now two girls are very angry at me, oracle.

Isabelle: Have fun getting them back, Lord of yggdrasil. [giggle]

Iris: This is troll level 10.......mumble...mumble...

[In front of Windy castle]

Iris: Peony has gone back, my lord.

Ruby: She is angry at you again.

Lord: It's OK. I get used to it.

Sola: Elena isn't here, my lord. Should we wait for her or send someone to talk with her?

Lord: It's OK. She has changed her mind. Don't try to force her.

Iris: Too bad right? She has such a calm and gentle feminine personality.

Wevil: My new concubine. T_T

Lord: Almost forgot the math girl. What is her name again?

Iris: Snowwhite, my lord. She said she can walk back to the balcony at your castle alone as she is quite capable of handling herself.

Sola: OK. Let go back then. Come here, giant trent.

Cotton: Goodbye everyone.

[A little while along the path]

Lord: I saw Peony talking to blue birds earlier.

Sola: They are all yggdrasil's creation. The blue ones can't talk back but they can receive command. We can command them too, not just Peony. But they seems to stick around Peony, due to her innate control talent.

Lord: It's a very effective form of communication. I saw loads of them around the castle. Should we have some of them follow us everywhere, so we can send messages to other maidens easier.

Sola: Good idea. I will arrange that.

Wevil: Eh...too bad. We're going home already?

Lord: Is there any other place around here we can visit.

Sola: There is a small human town to the east, 2 hours of giant trent's walk.

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