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Part 4

Chapter 7: Magic Kingdom

[In the morning]

Violet: No matter what I do, Iris doesn't wake up.

Ruby: Sis.

Lord, whispering: Ruby, tickle her.

Iris: Ok..ok...I'm going. Next time I don't wake up, kiss me in the cheek, OK?

[In the town]

Little girl: Mom, buy me a flower girl costume like that one.

Iris: It seems the flower girl's fashion has spread to this town.

Almond: Good. We attract much less attention this way than if they think we are a real fairy or something.

A man nearby, shouting: For only 1 gold coin, if you can beat our arm wrestling champion, you will get 10 gold coins.

Ruby: That guy is so big.

Iris: Hmm, interesting.

Almond: Better not attract any attention at all, Iris. Let's go.

Iris: Hmph....

Ruby: Look. A lot of beautiful jars. I'll buy some for Lily.

Violet: Hmm...this grilled fish tastes so good, right, Jasmine?

Jasmine nods.

Astille: I like bacon.

Iris: This steak is juicy. Almond, let buy all of these businesses and relocate them to Radish market, so we can eat them everyday.

Lord: Are you girls plant or carnivore?

Iris: There is a weapon shop over there. There are all kinds of weapon and armor. Let go check it.

Almond: The most expensive sword in this shop is 500 golds "Thunder Roar". The description says: Emit thunder when slash. Better try it, my lord. Since it doesn't seem to require any skill to use.

Lord: Hiyaaa... Sorry, too heavy. I can't lift it.

Almond: ......

Iris, whispering: If he can't even lift that sword, then these heavy armors are no use then.

Almond: Guess so.

[Advanced item shop]

Shopkeeper: Hi, you girls. Do you want to buy my whole business again?

Almond: Not today. I will let you live here a little longer.

Shopkeeper: I told you have a good sense of humor..haha. I don't have many items to sell yet, because you girls just bought everything from me a few days ago.

Ruby: I'm so sorry.

[A few seconds of silence have passed]

Shopkeeper: But, here, check this new item, 5 golds only.

Iris: Necklace with a beautiful pendant filled with strange green liquid. OK, I will buy it.

Ruby: Does it has any magical property at all?

Almond: I don't feel anything, but I don't know for sure.

Iris: It looks so cute on my neck, right?

Astille: It looks cute on you.

Iris: Let me carry you like mother and child. [giggle]

[Fortune teller shop]

Iris: This one has her own shop, instead of a table and a crystal ball.

Almond: But this shop doesn't seem to have many customers.

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