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Part 3

Chapter 5: Lying Under the Tree

[In the morning]

Lord: Another morning already. Hmm...Am I seeing two jars? Oh, it must be Lily's reserve for some kind of unnatural explosion.

Minny, emerging from one of the jar: Hello, my lord.

Lord: What? Didn't you say you have your responsibility and blah blah blah yesterday?

Minny: Queen of Rose has never formally appointed me for the area, and I'm sure she can find more suitable candidate for the position. Moreover, most of the time I sleep all day long in my jar anyway.

Lord thinks: [Oh, she is as lazy as Lily?]

Minny: But most importantly, I can't resist your charm anymore, my lord. [giggle]

Minny blushes a little and dives down to where she were.

Lord: Nice sweet-tongued little girl, ain't she. Hmm...no plan to go anywhere today. I'd better enjoy the castle and the girls today.

[Under a big tree in the castle's ground]

Lord: Ahh...This big tree is so peaceful. Its shadow is covering a large area around here. My life could be happier if I am reborn into a tree like this. Photosynthesizing all day long, no need to do anything else, no work, no struggle, no worry in the world.

Iris: Did you do something again with Ruby last night? Today, she ...she... she is [crying]

Lord: What happened, iris?

Iris: ...getting better.

Lord: You should find a better way to say it.

Iris: [giggle] I heard you was talking with yourself again. I begin to think this is normal for human, or is it?

Lord: No, it's not normal for human. I'm just weird, uh, I mean, special.

Iris: Do you want to know more about how peaceful this place is? I can make you hear their voices. Very few maidens can do this, by the way.

Lord: Wow, cool.

Iris: OK, right? Let start by touching both flowers at the end of my double pigtails with each hand of yours.

Lord: Like this? You are sending the power through these two flowers, right?

Iris: No, I just want you to touch them.

Lord: ....

Iris. OK, it's done. You will be able to hear the voice of plants in your vicinity for a few hours.

Lord: That's it? Thank, Iris.

Iris: Enjoy, bye.

[Still under the same tree]

Lord: Hmm...the magic starts to take effect. I begin to hear them right now.

Small tree1: I can't get any sunlight down here. I'm dying.

Small tree2: Go away somewhere else. This place is too crowded.

Small tree3: Those birds keep shitting on me again, and arrkkk.. a woodpecker is pecking on me...arrrkk..

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