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Part 1

He led me instigator arm. He needed only collar. We would not understand so with my brother.

My sword materialize. I walked around it from the back and got hold of his collar. I threw him most - near a marble wall. His hair was mussed and falling of ocean waves on his face. Indeed, he was quite handsome, attractive, glamorous. His eyes were incarnation of the night. Violets in the moonlight. The moonlight was bright wrapped his cloak over his hair. Anyone could see that he was more - beautiful than any woman.

I pressed my deadly and menacing blade to his throat.

"What one preferred first, I pull you? Eyes? Tongue? Or both? That depends on you." In his eyes, there was no fear or meanness. He looked like a man confident in their personal gifts, one that could enter the heart of hurricane and be voluntary sucked into it to stop it with the light of his noble soul.

"Download blade, Sister. Calm ferocity and bloodlust. I will not hurt you. I'm not your enemy. From now on, you have to defend yourself. The task is not easy. Enemies are everywhere. You are strong and you will understand. I'm leaving. The contract with the dynastic imperial bloodline of this empire, your home has long lost its value. Remember. "

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