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Part 1

I was floating in the air. Breezes, unfading fueled my curiosity. With the blade of liquid gold, cutting water. Given walls by-ending waves, water foam. There was no - hypnotic, beautiful and inspiring view of this. Dance with a rotating blade. Minuet on the lake mirage of a ballroom, crystallized in timelessness.

My adventure ended, for now. But my whole body was shaking with muscle spasms, while sweat ran down my neck, my temples like drops in a waterfall. I had no strength. As if needles sewing fabric of my flesh.

But someone poured me with cold water, so I can be revived by hypnagogic trance in which I was trapped.

"For God's sake finally - awaken, you little one, drenched fox?"

"Horatsion you my older stepbrother feminine! What are you doing here wedding bed is cold and flawless bride you cry." He theatrically rolled her eyes and scratched me lightly on the skin. "Do not drowned somewhere sister? What wedding? What bride? We have embarked together at the funeral of our grandfather. If you do not want to come, I'll drag you by the hair, screaming, in front of all the guests. Get dressed. I will stand the door to allow designers to choose a garment for you, and put it with the speed of a comet. "

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