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Part 1

The water was clear as crystal. It was a huge lake that reflected the sunlight and did not allow anything to interfere with my training. Or to think in my game. Diamond surface of the lake was pale as a sheet of paper, and I was the pencil that drew shapes, features memorable images that would remain permanently embedded in my mind. My bare feet, the color of swan feathers, not touching the mirror surface because this game. Just bounced off of it, bearing me to the disembodied air in ballet spins. Flattered skies me to curl up in her everlasting embrace. I flew as possible - high. High. High. But my feet found the pearl lake immediately. My dress of daily precious rubies whipped around my body, caressed and soothed my mind.

I jumped from the lake, which was fragile ice iceberg on the background of frozen and frosty November Ocean. With two elegant double somersaults capsized and ended up back at his childhood surface.

With eyes full of freshness headed the invitation of my comrade to join the fun. The response was swift nothing to sneer.

The blade found itself seamlessly into the pale my weak hand.

Long with blinding brilliance of millions of glowing suns made of liquid gold inlaid with emerald shaped innocent and impenetrable tears. Real jewels. A real work of art. I turned the blade in my direction with a threat, to make cool summer breezes coming into power. Blowing past me with a resolute determination to remain mercifully woven into my flesh. They carried me lovingly and carefully in his arms, but did not want to let me go for anything. Felt attracted to the warmth of my body, as tiny baby can not separate the lips of the mother's breast soaked in blissful and divine its milk.

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