Where the Wild Horses Run (Part 2, page 2 of 5)

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Part 2

She obeyed his command and he noticed that she was the picture the patrol officer had shown him. He told her to get back under the tarp and he knew a place down the road a ways where he could pull over and talk. When he pulled over among some trees where they weren't visible from the road he asked her what are you doing in my trailer.

Audrey told him she had seen the Nevada license plate and was trying to get to her grandfather's place. She told him most of her life story leaving out the bad things that some of her foster parents had done she mentioned that her grandfather was a gold miner and was the owner of the .Audrey Hills Gold mine.

He looked amazed and asked her to repeat the name of the gold mine which she did and then stated that she had the deed to it if it was still up and running. he told her no it isn't now and it has been boarded up and bushes covered the entrance to the mine or at least the biggest entrance that there was still a smaller entrance that had bushes also in front of it but they were easy to navigate around them to the opening of it.

He stated he knew what he was talking about because he works in the Carson City Gold claim office plus his father and him were very good friends of her grandfather before he past away a couple of years ago and on his death bed he made them promised one thing.

If she ever showed up and needed help that they would help her He was only picking up the metal that the railway had hired his brother to do but during a hunting trip he had fallen out of a tree and hurt himself and he was on vacation and said he would do that job for him.

He told her that she probably was safer in the trailer's corner where nobody could see her and secured it a little better.‚Äč Down the roads away he stopped in at a gas station and got two sandwiches, chips and cold drink. One meal he gave to her and the other he ate himself. He made sure he pulled off the road where she could empty her coffee can without being noticed .

Shortly they crossed over into Colorado he sotted some cushions and a travel pillow on the side of the road that had came off of a truck. he handed them to Audrey and said that's better than sleeping on the floor of the trailer so when they pulled over for the night at a rest stop she bunked down on the cushions with her sleeping bag and travel pillow while he slept in the cab of the truck. Colorado scenery was so beautiful . The air seemed a little nipper than Kansas Ben informed her it was the atmosphere at the moment.

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