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Part 2

Audrey jumped into the front portion of the bed of his truck and pushed a lot of the metal toward the back a little ways. She took the basket off making it easier to load. She struggled but the bike turned side ways and went in back first. She heard him coming toward the truck. He was whistling a tune that sounded vaguely familiar to her. She jumped in covering herself along with her bike to keep from being seen.

She remember getting to Kansas was really bad . She had to cross under the Kansa City viaduct without being seen. it was pitch black and very scarry. She managed to hide at a truck stop on the Kansas ide to keep from being detected by the police. The wall kept her secret. her bike slid down a ways but a bush caught it for her.

She had managed to catch a ride to Dodge City with a church group that had been on a mission trip. She told the pastor that she had been visiting her aunt and she became ill so she was headed home to her mother. She said her mother didn't have the money to send her until the next week then her aunt past away so she had to get back home some way on her own.

When the bus was heading to the church she saw a apartment complex. She asked can you let me off here. My momma just pulled into the parking lot. The group said their goodbyes. and left to go to the church. She had grabbed some of the group's left overs. She figured she needed them more than the church's people did.

She had just gotten relaxed enough and had fallen asleep when she heard sirens. the Kansas State Patrol had pulled over the truck and trailer and was talking to the man driving it. He told the officer that he had not seen her and he was delivering the metal to a scrap pile place in Nevada City.

She thought exactly where I am headed and if they don't find me I'll get to Nevada City where I might be able to find my real family. She thought oh what a happy day that will be. She promised God and herself if that was possible she would never act up again She hoped that God would bless her for her to find her family

Down the road a ways the driver saw a hand poking out from under a tarp with a coffee can and pouring liquid out onto the highway. He stopped a few feet from there and with a gun pulled out ordered whoever was under the tarp to show themselves. He stated he had a gun and wasn't afraid to use it so they better show there hands and keep them up where he could see them.

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