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Part 3

Across the state they were aproaching a part of a bigger city and ran into this gated community that seem like there were nobody but senior people living there and Ben told her that was the Senior Citizens town where only older people live and could enjoy each others company and nobody younger then fifty could even come for a few days without permission from the leaders.

If they did and whoever they came to visit would be asked to vacate their house immediately. He personally knew a couple that live there and he had over stayed his time by one hour and the leaders came so he had to take a toolbox out of his truck and said that he was fixing their heating and air condition system and would only be there about twenty more minutes.

The leaders told the couple that they should have informed them and they told them that they didn't think it would take as long as it did. While they were trying to make amends he had a clipboard with some paperwork on it that meant nothing and made the couple sign like if they actually had someone work done on something and his friend did and he left.

Audrey saw a bunch of teepees sat up. Ben told her this time of the year a certain group of Indians met. They have what is called a powwow. There would be a lot of chanting, all kinds of Indian flutes and drums. The Indian women sat up tables of all kinds of jewelry, dream catchers and almost any kind of food. He liked their honey flat bread.

Audrey asked him if they could stop. He did exactly as she begged. He got her a pretty Indian dress along with a necklace with a bracelet along with a ring. It had a moon in it. The dream catcher had a wolf in the middle of it. Audrey took a bite of the honey flat bread.. It was so delicious that she wanted another one for their journey. She told him at the moment she really couldn't pay him back.

He told her he was sure her family would. She asked him Is my dad there? He asked her what was her father's name. He said I'm not sure but I'll do my best to find out for you. First thing is to keep you safe. I think for the time being that will be keeping you out of the site of the public in your grandfather's mine.

The next little town looked like nothing but domes. Ben told her that was called Utah's dome city. It was once a national park but then deserted. He didn't know how people found out about it but if you don't have a job or any way of taking care of your family they settle here in these little domes. Some of them had wood and doors on them. Some had screens that magnetic close while others was left open at both ends. Ben told her those are still vacant.

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