Where the Wild Horses Run (Part 1, page 2 of 5)

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Part 1

She told him that they would not let her even have her grandfather's belongings that they kept in a locked box behind a locked door. The caseworker denied that and showed the judge the box. The judge listened then ordered her to a girl's home till her 18th birthday After the judge ordered them to give her the box and left the courtroom.

Her foster father that she had lived with for the last three years threw the wooden box and hit her in the check below her left eye. She thought well that wasn't the first time of him hitting her but it would be the last time. The van that was coming to pick up the girl's broke down so they had to wait on another van along with several girls.

Audrey and another couple of girls found that their cuffs wasn't metal cuffs and could be gotten out of easily and even the jailer had left a new security guard in charge also the courthouse was closing for the day.The girls sat in a room that wasn't locked down with their paperwork on a table. The van who came to take girls to different foster homes pulled up.

Audrey and the other two girls grabbed their paperwork and filed out with those girls then hid behind a wall where nobody could see them even the van driver, When the van pulled out they decided that they would break up and go their own way. Audrey walked around the building to the other side where there wasn't any cameras and where people in the community would just think of her walking and not think that she had just escaped.

She left with her clothes in her backpack and her grandfather's box not knowing what was inside. She started walking down the road heading toward a back road to where she wouldn't be noticed so much and saw a bike in a yard with a sign that read free. She looked it over and liked that the tires was aired up and looked new and had a nice basket behind the seat.

The woman in the house came out and told her that her husband had replaced the tires on all three wheels and fixed the braking system and she wouldn't have to walk. Audrey's grandfather's box fit perfectly into the basket then she saw a box of free stuff that had old cooking utensils in it plus a couple of bungy cords and a sleeping bag in it.

She put the sleeping bag in first then the cooking utensils and then her grandfather's box and secured it with the bungy cords. She checked out the light on the bike and he had even replaced the bulb and battery for it which was secured in a little box under the handlebars on the frame.

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