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Part 1

Audrey was up till one A.M. on a school night not just doing her homework but making sure every foster child in her foster home had clean clothes to wear that week to school. Her designated foster parents had taken off partying with their friends for the third weekend in a roll.

At least when they went else where to party the house stayed clean. She spent the whole weekend taking care of little ones Then they come home to recover from they threw their bottles of different alcoholic beverages all over the floor. Then there was the puck that had to be cleaned up.

Audrey being the oldest girl had every thing dumped on her while the boys was allowed to do as they pleased. She had enough of it when another bottle was thrown and hit the wall. The noise woke up the two youngest ones which just had their first birthdays. The foster parents spent the money the state gave them to spend on the little ones for their birthdays on their drinks for the party.

Audrey made them a birthday cake while the oldest boy went to the thirft shop being a couple of nice toys. Audrey sanitized them then package them and no one knew the difference except for her. Their foster parents was mad at her due to the fact she had spent her little bit of money. She explained that she had fed the other children then bought the birthday kids a toy each and bought stuff to make them a cake and they had ice cream to go with it.

Her foster mother was so irate she slapped Audrey. While going to slap her even harder the second time Audrey ducked and moved to the side letting her foster mother fall down the stairs. She called the police. They came out and arrested Audrey on the spot. Audrey felt sorry for the younger children in their care.

Audrey at the age of sixteen almost of age found herself sitting in front of another judge listening to the state caseworker presenting her side of why she should be displaced again for who knows how many times.to go to a state girl's home till she reached the age of eighteen. She told the judge that Audrey had stolen money from her foster parents, also vandalizing their garage while having a party with some of her school classmates

During the same party she had broke into her foster's father alcohol cabinet. She even showed a picture of the glass door broken glass. The judge listened to every word that she told him. Then finally it was Audrey's turn. She told the judge on numerous of times at seven in the morning the younger children had to pick up after their parties while she fixed breakfast for them.

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