Where the Wild Horses Run (Part 4, page 2 of 6)

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Part 4

A female horses laid down in the corn field and was hiding. and then a mountain lion attacked the horse and tore almost all of her neck and took the meat and left. She could hear the horse neighing in pain. She crawled to where the female horse was laying and realized why she couldn't run like the other horses. Audrey didn't know anything about what she needed to do. She grabbed her cell phone and called Ben.

Ben asked her what she needed She replied I don't know how to help her all I know she needs our help please come as soon as you can I'm scared for her and myself. Ben said he would but it maybe an hour or so Audrey hung up. She told the momma horse your baby may not be alive in an hour especially if that big cat comes back.

I don't know if I'm doing the right thing. I've seen shows where they pull the foal out by the hind legs. She ran to her bike and got a rope then wrap it around both legs of the baby and then pedal slowly until the baby was out of it's mother but now what do I do with you Audrey thought. I don't know how to get you on your feet or what.

She called Ben again and said please come quickly there is a mountian lion out her in the corn field with me and I need a veterinarian and hopefully he won't turn on me Ben told her to drag the after birth with her rope then take a corn stalk and brush and lay on top of the trail.. I'm going to try to get to the mine without being followed by the lion.

By then the pony was up on all four legs very wobbly but was up so Audrey tied the rope around the pony's neck and tied the pony to her bike and peddled to the mine. She didn't see anybody on the road. She got her new pony inside and was sitting waiting for Ben and who knows if he got a veterinarian but she was scared and so was her new friend. She sat looking at the pony and kept saying you are so beautiful.

I don't know if you are a girl or a boy. The pony started neighing and she got up and put one of her throws on it's back and was hugging it and petting it trying to calm him or her down and wasn't sure she was doing the right thing because it was neighing even more. Audrey wasn't leaving the pony for anything and would fight off anything or anybody to keep it safe.

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