Where the Wild Horses Run (Part 4, page 1 of 6)

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Part 4

During the rough and rocky climb uphill woke Audrey up. She had slept from right after they left area 51. She looked out and saw a corn field down the hill and uphill were either a mountain or maybe just hills. He drove around a bunch of bushes all flowering in different pretty colors around the hill a little ways and she found more bushes and then Ben came to a stop.

He helped her out or the truck and unloaded her bike. He showed her the way through the maze to the side entrance of the mine. He sat up her lantern in the middle of a card table and lite up the mine. Inside the entrance was a good size area where a make shift kitchen that was made of camping equipment. There was a camping kitchen top and sink.

There was a water tank on a little roll cart. On one side someone had made an sofa section that reminded her of something that she saw a long time ago but where she couldn't remember. She nodded when asked if this was sufficient enough. There was a nice three drawer plastic chest for her clothes

She saw a plastic tub that had batteries after batteries and a wood cabinet that had non perishable food items. She was thankful for what he had done for her but she wondered what he wanted for his help even though he hadn't said anything so for. She would just have to wait and hopefully he wouldn't want anything but usually if somebody does what he has done wants something.

She would deal with it when that time came She had a can of tamales for her dinner. She rinsed out the can extremely well and then saw cabinet liner paper. She decided to wash the can out and make her a pencil holder out of the can. It looked nice and she sat it on the little desk that had been sat up for her to use to work on her fill in book and Sudoku book

She sat one lantern on that little table and placed one fold up chair at that table. She laid her brush on the little table also. She dressed into pajamas and had went to bed and heard what sounded like growling sounds and then scratching sounds outside the cave entrance and hid in the wood cabinet where she had hung up the broom and dustpan. She was scared and then again.

The next day when she finally didn't hear anymore scratching sound stuck her head out first to make sure everything was alright and came out. She lookout and there was the corn field and it made her hungry for fresh corn. She got on her bike and was in the corn field gathering up about six ears of corn when a group of men on horses rounding up a herd of wild horses.

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