When The Candle Quits Burning (Part 2, page 1 of 5)

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Part 2

The tenth grade started out just fine. Almost every weekend Brandon and Lilac met each other at one event or another. Their relationship was blooming like wild flowers. At one event Brandon picked a bouquet of orange wildflowers and had bought a friendship ring and gave to Lilac and told her that would have to do until he could get a real engagement ring and wedding band.

They were texting and calling each other in the evenings. Lilac's mother's boyfriend was even more obnoxious everyday. Lilac started locking her bedroom door. She even asked the landlord to put a lock on the bathroom door. Her mother's boyfriend complained to Lilac's mother saying that he just knew she was doing something wrong behind the lock doors.

Stacy asked Lilac if she was doing any thing bad when she had her bedroom door locked Lilac finally told her mother that Mason walks in on her trying to go to the bathroom. When she takes her shower he stands there rubbing his private part and telling her he would love to have some of what she has. Of course Mason denied it.

The night before her mother's birthday Lilac took a video of him walking in on her then saying all of those nasty things to her. She showed it to her mother the next morning while he was past out on the sofa. She told her mother she was talking to her team mates. They had a volley ball game that evening so she was going to stay after school and practice then eat at a friend's house.

Lilac's mother smiled and replied I'm so glad you're enjoying this year at school so much. That game the team did use her in the game. She helped her team to win. She did notice that Brandon was in one of the lower bleachers. She thought that was so cool that he somehow got a ride to see her.

At half time they got to say hi to each other before he was pulled away to get on the bus to go back to Glenwood when the boys wrestling tournament was over. Lilac knew the feeling was mutual on both parts. She was dancing on clouds.

‚ÄčThe night of her mother's birthday they got into an argument about Lilac being on the phone so much that he beat her mother up so badly that she had to go to the hospital. She was admitted. She had several broken bones including her nose where he had used brass knuckles on her. She had swelling on her brain.

He tried to tell the police she had fallen but one of the officers didn't by it and Lilac's neighbor told the police what actually conspired and landed the boyfriend in jail just over night for detox. He was released on bail the next day. With lilac's mother still in the hospital he was free to do whatever.

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