When The Candle Quits Burning (Part 3, page 1 of 5)

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Part 3

Lilac received a pell grant which let her take business courses at the community college after she had finish all of the necessary courses on her laptop. She was in her second year of taking college courses by computer when her mother became ill. The doctor diagnosed her with terminal cancer. She was going sell the house and wasn't sure what they were going to do to survive.

Claudia had a huge garage sale with Lilac's help and got rid of the surplus items that she had stored in her basement apartment. Then sat an appointment up for a painting company to come out. Being over at Lilac's house multiple times she knew what colors they had painted every room. The painting company came out and the apartment was ready for their new occupants

​Claudia had Lilac come over and offered her and her mother the apartment to live in.. Lilac packed the kitchen items in boxes and carried them over and in no time the boxes was unpacked. Lillac moved what items she could. Claudia hired a couple of young healthy men to move what Lilac couldn't including the hospitable bed and oxygen supplies.

Then Lilac wheeled her mother into their new place. The next weekend Lilac and Claudia had a in house yard sale to get rid of their things that couldn't be moved into their new apartment. it was a bottom floor apartment which would be a great help for whoever would be taking care of her mother in the future.

The money Lilac made from the yard sale would be spent on the medical expenses for her mother. In the morning Lilac would give Stacy her bed bah then helped her to sit in a recliner. Lilac would strip her bed putting the dirty linens in the washer then wash her vinyl mattress letting it dry before remaking the bed.

She would fix her a bowl of cereal with her favorite jelly in it to replace the fruit. She would even spoon feed her due to the fact Stacy didn't have the strength to feed herself any more. When Stacy got worse Hospice came in to help get Stacy into her recliner. Claudia and Butch sat with Stacy while Lilac worked.

She would come home and relieve them The last couple of months of Hazel's life Lilac would sit in Stacy's room doing her courses while making sure her mother was as comfortable as possible. The only money they had was the sale of her grandparents old home which needed major work done on it.

The money went in no time for Stacy's medical expenses with the exception for the money that Lilac paid the funeral home for a simple cremation. She knew it was against the law to spread a person's remains on your property but momma needed to be buried somewhere . Claudia and Hazel had spent so much time sitting on the bench in the park behind both of their house by the big old oak tree. Lilac thought a perfect place for momma.

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