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Part 1

Lilac never knew who her real father was. Every time she asked her mother about him she would just shrugged her head then tell her daughter not to worry that sometimes it is better just to have one parent that really loves you than two which one thinks their child is nothing but a burden. She always stated after that Ms. Lilac Jones has never been a burden to her

Once she asked her where she was born at. Her mother Stacy told her on she wasn't born in a hospital. She said she didn't have a ride to the hospital and the park had a bed of lilacs. She told her a person came by and called for help. She asked her mother if her father was around. She replied no. Lilac asked her mother if she felt like she was a burden.

She stated again that Ms. Lilac Jones had never been a burden to her. They might be able to have the material things that a lot of families had but they did have a roof over their heads even though the house was very small she made sure that Lilac's room which was made out of one side of the back porch with a door on it.

The owner of the home extended the heating vent into the enclosed back porch and put a window in it so she could put a window fan it to stay cool in the summer. Her mother cleaned his house to pay for the rent then bartended at night to pay for their bills.

Every Friday and Saturday night she brought home a little extra cash in tips. Some weekends the crowd tipped really good. Lilac asked her why some weekends was better than others. She said it depended on the hotel's guest. if they had a group of business men there for a convention then she was pulled out of the little bar and grill and sent up stairs to the top floor where they had a bar to attend to them.

Lilac helped her neighbor by doing odd jobs to make money for summer camp because she wanted to get away from home. She loved to shop for both her neighbor and her mother but the kind of shopping her mother's new boyfriend wanted her to do for him was at his friend's house and every time she did she was so scared of being busted.

She didn't even mind walking her neighbor's boxer Butch. Sometimes it was down the corner then down a block to the post office and back Sometimes they would stop at the dog park where she unleashed him and they would play fetch. He loved it when the ice cream truck would come by. .He always a goody for him. Her working and doing odd jobs meant her mother's boyfriend had to go buy his own drugs which he wasn't happy about but that didn't bothered Lilac one bit.

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