When The Candle Quits Burning (Part 4, page 1 of 5)

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Part 4

Spencer and Brandon went into town and bought a couple of shovels. One was a littler shorter than the other one with a yellow handle spaded shovel. Brandon carried it out to his SUV. Spencer carried out a brown wood square headed one. They proceeded back to the camp site

They were digging up their camp grounds like a bunch of moles trying to find the money. Still no money could be found. they stopped long enough to eat a sandwich and drink a beer before they went to another area of the grounds. Spencer remembered that Phillip's girlfriend had brought him to the camp one Friday. Both of them agreed somehow Phillip had given her the money.

Brandon yelled you double crossing SOB I'm glad you're dead. They called her and invited her back to the camp. She wasn't able to go there so they paid her a visit. When they left her place she had been beaten up but could not tell them any thing. They swore they were going to get even with her. Brandon opened her basement window to come back later. Until then Phillip's girlfriend was clueless.

They stopped by Brandon's to pick up a few items. Brandon saw the bag of change was missing. He asked his mother about the bag. She had called their disposal company to get rid of the trash in the garage and saw the bag at the side and asked them to throw it away for her. Now they had been double whammy. First the half a million in bills and now the ten thousand in coins. They went back to the camp site to dig some more.

The next morning Spencer was up early setting his mind to paddle boating around the lake. He was looking at how many camp site was taken by early comers. When Brandon woke up drank his usual mojo while fixing breakfast. He went to tell Spencer it was done he found Spencer floating head down in the water. Again the state patrol and the coroner came out.

The coroner took Spencer's body to the morgue for an autopsy. The autopsy found Spencer had been hit in the head by a spaded tool of some kind. The state patrol found the tool in the shed with blood still on it. The only prints found on it was Brandon's Spencer wasn't dead when he hit the water but died soon after it.

Lilac went to work looking tired. She told the ladies that she thought she was coming down sick from sleeping under a fan. The bureau was closing early due to some renovation being done to the building. Mrs. Willis told her she could go home and get some rest and reminded her to drink lots of juices. Lilac did just that When she arrived home she let Butch out into the fenced yard. After he did his business they both took a good nap together.

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