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Part 2

(C) Copyright, Michael Lindsay Williams, May 26, 2017



Now you can call me The Traveler, apologies to H.G. Wells and his little time novella. My birth name isn't important, and I changed labels almost as frequently as my underwear over the flitting decades. Not that identity and names remained as important as in the Information Age after it crumbled away. It amazed me that this civilization lasted as long as it did. I had always known if people couldn't learn to deal with their problems and compromise without killing each other over irrational fantasies, exploding populations, and dwindling resources, we were doomed. Humanity's character, evolved from before the Stone Age as necessary for our survival, became increasingly negative with the tech developments of the 19th, 20th, and 21st Centuries. People who were self-centered, greedy, lazy, over-breeding fantasy believers, and yet utterly practical, had done quite well when there were only a few hundred thousand then million of us and no means to immolate ourselves quickly. Sure, there were many people of the alternate nature: generous, altruistic, even rational (holding ONLY non-contradictory "facts" to be true at the same time). I had known some of them. But their effect was totally washed out by the majority eventually. By the late 21st Century our vast numbers and pervasive tech had laid waste to this planet until Nature had to finally step in and rebalance Herself the hard way, because we were genetically unable to do that for ourselves. Can't tell people to stop having more than one baby when that gives them most of the meaning to their lives. Some Catch-22 (M.A.S.H.)! The truly miraculous fact is no nuclear war or world-girdling pandemic plague (think of the Roman Empire's flu or Europe's Black Plague) erupted to do the job in only a few months. But the scientific thinkers, medical researchers, and engineeers who, ironically, gave us the means to get to that point, also enabled us to end the imbalance gradually...and some "common sense" also did play its part--or I wouldn't be writing this since we'd all be totally extinct.

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