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Part 1

Betty was a loner in high school, just trying to get through it so she could move away. Since she had lost her dad at an early age, and all her sisters and brothers were married, it was just her and her mother at home. Her mother was lonely and went out a lot. Betty was not a great scholar, but when she got in highschool she wanted to learn shorthand and she worked very hard at it. She ended up being one of the top three in her class. She also wanted to learn to play the guitar so she self taught herself to learn the notes, but she was tone death and couldn't tune the guitar, or tell one note from another. She also could not sing because she was tone death. But she spent many hours practicing the guitar notes. She had very few friends in school but she did have a few non the less. At least three or four, but not usually at the same time. Maybe she would have had more friends if she didn't live so far out in the country. She met a girl when she stayed with her sister who lived next door and they became friends and she spent a lot of time with her.

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