THEURGIST OR NECROMANCER (Part 2, page 1 of 14)

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Part 2



Calligraphic carvings on thermocol and the designs around it were well decorated.

Baskar got off the taxi and paid the fare.

To his surprise, the marriage hall was very silent and there was none to welcome the guests but there was a long table containing three silver plates where sugar candy, sandal paste and vermilion powder were seen devoid of receptionist.

Baskar entered the main hall where he saw a commotion. He looked up to see what all the commotion was about. There was ranting and ravings in the marriage hall.

There was a scene of battle between bride’s men and bridegroom’s men. The other onlookers were mere spectators and did nothing to solve the problem.

“What’s going on here?” Baskar asked one of the guests.

“Oh, you’ve just come here. Don’t you know that bridegroom absconded and it is assumed that the fellow has eloped with a friend of the bride? “He received such reply from that person.

Baskar saw the bride, Shyamala in her ravishing gorgeous silk sari, sitting on a wooden plank in the middle of the wedding stage. Is she the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi? She was very charming but upset because of the hapless incident.

Her parents, Santhanam-Baghyam, were engaged in tirade.

Next moment an astonishing event took place.

Shyamala stood up from her seat and vehemently shouted at the crowd. “Stop your ranting and raving. Please take your seats.”

Nobody expected that she would shout at her high pitch.

The whole guests of the marriage kept silent and looked at her with surprise. They couldn’t believe their ears.

“Are you going to take your seats or not now?” Shyamala shouted again.

Like an implicit obedient soldier to his commander, the whole crowd obeyed her command and took their seats dazing at her.

Shyamala stepped forward in the stage and spoke at the gathering:” Why do you rant and rave while I am not affected by this incident. Had it happened after the marriage function, what would have been my fate? It is a blessing in disguise. Here in this marriage hall, my marriage is going to take place and you are all going to witness it. Haven’t you heard about Swayamvaram? I am going to select my life partner here in this marriage party and with his consent; my marriage is going to take place. I implore you all who are willing to be my life partner; please, take your seats in the front row. Please.”

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