THEURGIST OR NECROMANCER (Part 9, page 1 of 15)

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Part 9


Next day morning, Banu woke up and found Ramana sleeping comfortably by using her callipygian nates as a pillow while his hands were resting on her booblettes (small breasts of pubescent girl); she recalled the incidents from her memory that came about last midnight. Banu splayed the petals of her rosy lips to smile blushingly. Like a serene sky, she found herself devoid of any dress to conceal her naked body from the view of the photo of Swathi with her husband, Prasanth which seemed to leer or ogle at her buck nakedness (stark nakedness). By raking her fingers through his chevelure, (head of hair) she began to ruminate how she soft- soaped him (to persuade him to do what she wanted by saying pleasant things to him) to deprecate his anger and resentment, a play of lover’s quarrel between them, and then after his bad mettle got dissipated (gradually disappeared as the situation became clear), then, she gave him a boob helmet, (she rested her hooters on his head) after which he swung to vigour, dynamism and began to fondle her bosom like a boobficianado (person with an unabashed affection for all things to do with breasts and love the way, they look smell, taste, feel etc,. often found in combination with being an areolist)

Like a cat lapping a cup of milk, Ramana commenced lambereing (licking) her dextral beesting while his fingers engaged in stroking her sinistral beesting. He heard her say:” Has your rage melted into pleasure now?”

Ramana paused and thought for some time and then withdrew his foreplay to reply:” Rage! It’s the question that I have to pose to you, isn’t it?”

“Isn’t it my maiden experience? I couldn’t endure the penetrative sex, darling.” Banu smeared his chest.

Ramana replied to vanquish her argument:” I have already finger-blasted; that was your maiden experience when we’re travelling by bus from Majura, isn’t it?”

Banu smiled coyly at him and flexed her eyes towards the floor. He couldn’t see her florid (having a red or flushed complexion) cheeks in the dark night. She cuffed him playfully around his head and shoulder. She whispered softly:” “Your finger is not as thick as your phallus and my clit is too small to admit your giant organ.” She laughed heartily.

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