THEURGIST OR NECROMANCER (Part 3, page 1 of 13)

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Part 3


It was a fateful day to Sivasankar.

In the competitive field of export business, Sivasankar faced many inevitable problems and the Export Officer remained as a challenge to him and his business. He didn’t know how to solve this issue. He was upset very much

When he was in his chamber pondering over the matter, his P.A. , entered his chamber after getting permission.

“Sir, there came a strange man who wants to meet you, and waiting at the outside the office. And he gave me this confidential letter.” His Personal Secretary stretched out the letter to Sivasankar.

Something made Sivasankar to look into the matter. He tore the letter open and read the lines. It was neatly typed.

The letter read as :” If you permit me, your problem in view of Export business will be solved. Waiting outside.


Sivasankar nodded.

Sivasankar saw the stranger through CCTV camera and she was waiting at the Visitor’s room.

She was very young in her modern dress holding a small leather bag hung over her shoulder.

“May I come in?” was a sweet voice.


She entered the chamber and wished him.

She was a tall girl, ruddy complexion and charming face and ravishing in her modern dress.

Sivasankar showed her seat and she sat on the seat conveying her thanks to him.

Then she closed her eyes as if she was meditating deeply. Then without opening her eyes, she began telling him the problem he faced. Then, she spoke:” Don’t ask anything about me. It is needless to you now. Follow what I say. You intend to bribe one lakh to the corrupted officer but you need not give such amount to the Export Officer but fifty per cent to the person who is going to make him sign on the documents. I don’t need your money or any help. But strictly follow what I say.”

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