THEURGIST OR NECROMANCER (Part 6, page 1 of 27)

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Part 6


After this incident, Santhanam and his wife, Baghyam brought Sivasankar’s family to conscious state. Shyamala conferred trust upon the strange lady, telepathist and was highly pleased with her propitious words. She happily averred:” I have much confidence in her words whether she is a necromancer or theurgist or even an ordinary telepathist.” She paused for some time and then in a soliciting voice,” As per her words, shall we start for Pattinam tomorrow?”

Santhanam requested Sivasankar to reschedule (to change the time at which something has been arranged to happen, especially so that it takes place later) his journey to his native place by which Sivasankar was much embarrassed by his request. He could not reject his request; so he looked at his wife to convey her he wanted to speak.

Devi understood through his eye contact and slightly nodded.

Sivasankar rang up to the Secretary and directed him to send her daughter, Meenah who had gone on an excursion (a short trip made for pleasure, especially one that has been organized for a group of people ) with her school friends ,to Majura by flight.

Shyamala planned for a pilgrim’s journey to Meenakshi Temple, then Naickar Mahal.

Santhanam, like an epilogue, made a brief speech at the audience and winded up the function.

He requested the audience to take their seats to take lunch in the Dining Hall, made of coconut leaf shed. He requested Sivasankar to dine along with them for which Siva refused to take meals with the low class people and informed him face to face:” Please don’t compel me in this matter. We are not accustomed to dine with these people equally. I have no objection if you wish to dine with them equally but our people won’t do. We would like to lunch at Five Star Hotel. If you want, you can come with us.”

It was the wont of Santhanam and his family members to dine with these low class people equally but when his in-law came to know he pouted (was in a huff and displayed his displeasure) and overtly declined saying,” Sorry, I’m not accustomed to dine equally with these low-class people as you do. Please don’t coerce me in this matter. We’ld like to lunch in the Star Hotel.”

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