THEURGIST OR NECROMANCER (Part 1, page 1 of 9)

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Part 1


1) Ramana- Banu

2) Baskar- Shyamala

3) Sivasankar-Devi

4) Veerapondy

5) Kanmani

6) Santhanam - Baghyam

7) Prasanth-Swathi

8) Meenah (daughter of Siva)

9) Vijay Kiran (concubine of Baskar


It’s Autumn, Sarath Rudhu, (November). It’s a pluvious day.

The “Temple City of Madurai” is glorious and illustrious for Meenakshi Sundareswarar temple and Naickar Mahal” and the magnificent and gorgeous tower of the temple speaks of the fame of the sculptural magnificence and artistic grandeur.

It’s an auspicious day especially for marriage. Monsoon produce seasonal rainfall and it occurs specific region on Earth. For the past two years there was heavy drought and the farmers were inflicted with heavy loss. But on the fateful day, it was a spell of heavy rain, downpour and the whole people of Majura were very happy while Santhanam, a rich landlord and his wife, including their clan felt unhappy as the downpour spoiled the happy atmosphere.

As it’s a rainy day, and had been a downpour since morning, there was flood around the temple and in the broad streets and one could see rarely pilgrims and tourists but men and women of all ages were found sheltering in the shops, bus stops and some malls. One of the womenfolk sheltered inside a shop expressed her concern: “There’s always problem if it rains or if it doesn’t rain.”

The rain bore on endlessly, pounding on the rooftops and turning the sidewalks and roads into vast lakes of dull, muddy water. Dark grey clouds covered the sky, only letting a few rays of feeble sun slip past the barrier. The monotonous sound of raindrops beating on the sidewalk blended in with the occasional whoosh of the breeze through the treetops. Everything was bleak, grey, and dreary - even the atmosphere. People dressed in heavy coats and bearing large umbrellas, were walking quickly with purpose, not stopping to look at anything or anyone.

Many were anxiously expecting when the rain ‘would stop. Among them were a damsel and her fella, shivering not only by cold wind but also by compunction as they eloped. They concealed their faces to escape from the sight of the familiar persons of that area

Both were teen agers; they were different not only in age but also in personality. The girl seemed to be an ingénue, rural-bred while the boy, tall, handsome and well developed muscles and urban bed. The girl was slim, brown coloured complexion, charming eyes and well-built body.

The girl’s hands were trembling and when she touched his hand, he patted her hands to mean, “When I’m here, why do you worry?”

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