THEURGIST OR NECROMANCER (Part 10, page 1 of 16)

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Part 10


After the cyclone devastated the entire area of southern States and adjoining areas, the public suffered excruciatingly and it took three days for restoring to the normal position. On the fourth day only, Air transport and Road transport were made conveniently. For three days, the entire sixty eight girls were under the kind sway of Santhanam and Baghyam. The teen aged girls forgot the grief of parting with their parents and felt as if they were with their parents.

Upheld by the parents of Baskar, Vijay Kiran got a chance to meet Baskar who was with his parents, Sivasankar and Devi who were discussing about the source of transportation to their native place.

Vijay was ravishing (extremely beautiful or attractive; enchanting; entrancing) in her Lehengha with tight bodice so that the contour of her hooters was visible through her bodice and added to her pulchritude. They were on the second floor sitting on a plastic chair.

“Good Morning to all,” saying, Vijay Kiran appeared before them.

“Good Morning, Vijay,” greeted Devi and Siva and asked her to take a seat nearby them which she did.

Baskar, tranced by her appearance so close to them, could not speak anything but was gazing at her with his charming eyes.

“Amy important news from your parents” Siva asked with much concern.

“My dad wants to contact you in five minutes. So I came here in search of you.”

Siva was very happy to hear from her the news that her father was going to contact him again. Late night, her father was talking about him and after talking with Santhanam and Baghyam. His face was radiant and his countenance showed his enthusiasm.

“Are you unhappy as you’re without your parents now?” Devi asked with concern.

“I don’t feel much now as you’re here with me.” Vijay Kiran glanced at Baskar.

“Due to snag, all my plans have been subverted. This urgent marriage has detained me here. Spell bound by the theurgic message, this marriage was performed without my kith and kin. I don’t know how to face them; if faced, I don’t know how to convince them. It’s in this way he is destined.” He spoke in a dejecting mood.

Devi suggested another idea. “I think it is not a problem. None of our people know this urgent marriage which occurred unexpectedly. So let’s conduct a betrothal function informing our friends and relatives in our place. Let’s fix a date for marriage and conduct the marriage function grandly. There’s no problem. “

Sivasankar cogitated for a minute and then nodded. “Your idea is also fine. Will our in-law accord to this? Above all, Baskar should consent with your idea. Baskar, what do you say?”

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