THEURGIST OR NECROMANCER (Part 4, page 1 of 8)

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Part 4


The sunny day welcomed Banu and her lover Ramana when they reached the destination by Omni bus. Ramana was drowsy like his fella who was in her peplum and though aware of his hand cupping her boobs inside her jacket, she felt joy and pleasure by closing her eyes pretending to be deep sleep. When the bus stopped, they realized that they reached their destination place. Ramana basciated Banu and greeted her, “Good morning, sweety.”

In return, Banu basciated him and greeted him saying,” Good Morning, dear.”

Both alighted from the Omni bus and Ramana’s eyes were searching for his friend, who promised to take them home. Among the auto drives, he spotted his friend, Prasanth who was in his party costume, dhoti and minister white jippa., and waved is hand at him.

Prasanth, twenty five years old young man belonged to Tiruttu Munaetra kazagham, was politically influenced and was his best friend from his school days. He eloped with his lover to Pattinam and settled his life. It’s he who encouraged Ramana for elopement by promising him that he would get him a decent job. Relying on his promise, Ramana eloped with his lover, Banu who complied with his plan.

As soon as Ramana alighted from the bus, Prasanth hugged him affectionately and patted him. Then he shook her hands wishing her,” Welcome sister.”

“Is your journey comfortable?” inquired Prasanth.

Ramana nodded.

“Ramana, your job is confirmed. After taking bath and breakfast, take rest for two hours. Then let’s go to meet the Minister and I will introduce you to him. He will direct us to meet the person concerned for your job. Let’s make a move.”

“Your job is confirmed.” His words were like a honey poured into her ears. She thanked him.

“Any problem before leaving?” Prasanth asked his friend.

“Due to downpour, we escaped from our villains.” Ramana sighed.

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