THEURGIST OR NECROMANCER (Part 8, page 1 of 20)

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Part 8


When Ramana and Prasanth returned home it was mid night.

Banu and Swathi were waiting anxiously for their return.

At the sight of their husbands, their faces were lit with happiness. As usual, Swathi asked her husband, Prasanth, ”Why are you very late today?”

Stretching over a leather bag towards her, Prasanth sighed and replied:” All for this. Open it, you can find out what makes us delay.”

Swathi was with Banu in Banu’s house and both were eager to open the leather bag. To their astonishment there were many bundles of dollar notes, like a pot of gold, (a large amount of money that will make one rich for ever.) and Banu was so overwhelmed that she gaped and could not believe her eyes.

It’s her maiden experience. Banu had never, in her life, seen such huge amount. She saw such huge amount only in cinemas and many Indian films where politicians used to hoard money now and then by dint of malpractice. She sussed out that this hoard of money couldn’t have been earned by hard labour honestly but cheating the public money which is nothing but easy money. (This term is used for a person who has a very easy job who usually doesn’t have to work hard, In short, it is money that is easily and sometimes dishonestly earned.)There was no trace of suspicion or doubt in her mind but confirmation that her husband must have engaged with politicians in swindling and misappropriating public property. She knew very well that kind of malpractice was launched from the period of Karunanidhi.

After a minute, Banu opened her mouth and asked her husband, Ramana,” How this easy money,,,,,”She didn’t complete her words.

Swathi answered in lieu of her husband, Prasanth:” I answer now, Banu. This cash doesn’t belong to us but Mrs. Shobana’s. , his Lady boss. In due course, you will come to know all about this business. “

Prasanth said good night and left the room with her wife, Swathi.

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