THEURGIST OR NECROMANCER (Part 7, page 3 of 13)

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Part 7

Like a thunder she came to receive the tidings that Vasu had already been affected by Blood Cancer and the medical report asserts that his life on the earth was very short. Prior to his death, he made a will that after his death, his wife, Sowbghyavathi‘d be the legal heir of his entire property. Her parents wanted her to remarry another boy, a close relative to her mother. But she spurned (reject a person or thing with contempt.) their offer and determined to remain as a widow throughout her life. So her parents chucked her relationship with her and lived separately.

Having gleaned (gather facts bit by bit) about Sowbagyavathi from Prasanth, Ramana asked him,” How did you’ve acquaintance with this lady? Can you tell me the ways to attract her to get this post? Suppose, if I don’t get this job, can I get job somewhere?”

Prasanth smiled proudly:” I can get you Government job. But it takes time to improve your economic status. But this post brings you quickly to the apex of the status in the society. Don’t worry about the job. I assure you to get any post anyway.”

At the request of Ramana, Prasanth divulged the secret how to attract the lady to get the post. Then both entered the front gate where the security enquired Prasanth for his meeting with the lady.

Prasanth told the security:” Four Not Eight.”

As soon as he mentioned the code number, a secret number, the Security contacted the lady through his walkie- talkie. “Ma’am, Four Not Eight is waiting outside the gate. “

“Send him inside.” Was the reply from the lady.

“There’s also another man with him. Can I send him also?”

“No, detain him at the gate till I permit him.” The Lady replied

After frigging, Prasanth was allowed inside but Ramana was detained at the gate.

“Don’t worry, Ramana. I’ve already spoken to the Madam about you. Please wait ill I return.” Saying, he walked towards the main building.

It was a swanky (imposingly fashionable and elegant) marbled mini palace with tight security. On either side of the road leading to the entrance of the palace, there was a garden full of flowery trees and give out fragrance. The compound walls were twenty feet height. The neighbouring bungalows were not as high as it was. It looked as an avenue.

As soon as he entered the steps of the entrance Hall, the bullet-proof glass door opened automatically to give way to him for his entry.

A female security frisked him by dint of detector. Then he was allowed to meet the Lady of the palace. By means of lift, he reached the first storey where the Lady was waiting for him.

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