THEURGIST OR NECROMANCER (Part 7, page 2 of 13)

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Part 7

Prasanth took him to a decent restaurant.

Both sat opposite to each other and were tasting tortilla (roti)

Prasanth opened the conversation: Look, Ramana. Tell me your ambition now.”

Ramana sighed:’ if you don’t ridicule at my desires, I am free to talk with you.”

Prasanth nodded.

“I wish to be crorepathy in a short time. I wish to run a textile mill. Like Karunanidhi I wish to be an up short. I don’t know whether it will be a dream. I should build many apartments and earn much money. I must keep Banu in a very luxurious condition. Whatever she wants, I must be in a position to accomplish her desires. I must be one of the richest men in this State. “He explained his whetted ambition.

Prasanth tittered. Then he closed his eyes and cogitated. Then he stipulated:” I can accomplish your dreams of becoming a VIP. But there are certain conditions to achieve it. If you won’t be scrupulous, (very careful to be honest and to do what is morally right)

“I will choose the fittest post to fulfil your desires. “ Prasanth said and after a pause, he added,” Would you like to work under a widow who seeks the most loyal person, especially juvenile? “

“A widow?” His countenance showed aversion.

Prasanth chuckled and said:” Ramana, of course she is a widow but very young. She is one of the richest women of this country, having many sources of income. She is living in a palace at the outskirts of this city. She has very faithful, loyal servants with her but they are not as intelligent as she expects from them. She expects a personal secretary to assist her in all matters. She is a mood of girl and it depends upon your luck and loyalty to get that post. But she is very liberal in giving amount whatever you demand. Within a short time, you will be equal in status with Machiavellian, Karunannidhi. Try your luck. “

Having heard about the widow, Ramana grew interest in knowing about her

Ramana paid rapt attention while Prasanth was recounting everything about her that prodded him to choose for that post.

Hailed from a royal family, this girl namely, Sowbaghyavathi had her education in England and during her college life, she tranced the heart of a guy namely, Vasudevan, hailed from a royal family. After their marriage his parents died in the accident they met and Vasu became the heir of the entire property worth about many billions. With broken heart, they returned to India, built a royal palace on the outskirt of Pattinam. .

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