THEURGIST OR NECROMANCER (Part 7, page 1 of 13)

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Part 7


During bus travel from Majura to Pattinam by Air Bus, sleeper coach, Banu could not sleep normally, comfortably, to sleep sound sleep, as if she were affected with insomnia. The reminiscent memories haunted her mind to annoy her. When Ramana pretended to be asleep and slipped his fingers inside her blouse and cupped her boobs, she remained indifferent to respond to his foreplay but never prevented his hand from dry humping. After an hour, when she felt his fingers navigating towards her groin, she didn’t resist to his action. Finally, when he attempted to penetrate his middle finger into her constricted pudendum, she flinched (to make a small movement due to pain or fear) by which he couldn’t understand whether she complied with his foreplay or resisted to his mad desire. By that time, his middle finger advanced and moved through her vagina. But she reacted nothing. Then he penetrated his two fingers into her velvety (smooth and soft to sight, hearing, touch or taste) vagina gently and very carefully by inches. But she was simulating to be in deep sleep.

By three in the early dawn, both fell asleep when the bus was rocking gently by which they felt like a child lulled to sleep by berceuse. (a quiet song intended to lull a child to sleep)

When the Airbus was nearing *Pattinam, Ramana woke up and basciated her. Then he asked her whether she slept comfortably and soundly for which she answered:” Till we settle our life comfortably in this city, I won’t have composure. “

When Prasanth assured his job, she suspired,” Thank God.”

After dusk, Prasanth came to the room where Ramana and Banu were staying and reminded him to get ready to start with him.

Ramana slicked up (dress and groom with particular care s for a special occasion) for the interview with the Minister.

Banu joined her two hands in the form of ‘Namaste’ and in her melting tone requested,” You’re above my brother. We have come here having trust and confidence in you. I implore you to get him a job so as to make us live a smooth living. “

Prasanth laughed slightly and replied:’ Sister, Nothing is impossible to achieve as far as I am concerned. I am taking my chum to call on the Minister who promised to help me. There is no doubt in getting job and the problem is with him which job he has to choose. I have left this choice to his taste. Don’t worry. We’ll return with good news for you.”

Banu wagged her hands when both left home.

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