THE STRUGGLE FOR AMOUR (Part 2, page 1 of 18)

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Part 2


It was Hemanatha Rudhu (January) and it started to snow outside. The patch of verdant green lawn was studded with pearls of dew here and there. Some youngsters started jogging around the Apartment garden and lawn. The Sun in the east was hidden behind the black clouds and the silver lining of the clouds added pulchritude to the morning.

Baskar and Shyamala were sleeping on the double bed in her bed room. Like a slugabed, both were sleeping deeply side by side. Shyamala was not used to sleep late but last night she couldn’t sleep as she struggled with her prurient thoughts and eventually, getting tired, she embraced the Morpheus.

While she was sleeping and snuggling down under blankets, suddenly she woke up as his hand fell on her bosom since it disturbed her sleep. With her bleary eyes, she raised her head to see him who was reposing on the couch and during his sleep, he might have laid his hand on her bosom involuntarily.

Though blanketed she felt an effusive ineffable (causing so much emotion, especially pleasure that it cannot be described) feeling or joy since his hand was resting on the mound of the blanket. It wasn’t her maiden experience but after a long year gap, as a male-hand rested on external blanket where her bosom caused for the formation of mound in the blanket, it kindled her constrained sex starved desire. A smile flickered across her face. Her auscultation, if monitored, would be more than the normal pulsation and ergo reflected in heaving and bobbing of her Mastos. In spite of being a gynecologist, Shyamala was also a young and nubile lady but not a celibate. Her latent amatory feelings became provocative the moment his hand rested on the mound of the blanket that covered her body. She was unwilling to take away his hand from its position.

The more the time his hand rested over the mound of the blanket, the more was her randiness (uncontrolledorillicitsexualdesireorappetite) that induced her sinistral hand to compress his hand suaviter in modo by casting a side-glance at his face. He was in the arms of Morpheus and after ascertaining it, she held his hand from the external blanket and rested it in her bosom very carefully. It was obvious of the foreplay of dry humping. As soon as his palm rested on her external mound of nighties, her lubricity swelled in such a manner to incite her dextral hand to slip his hand inside her nighties and thus his thenar (the inner surface of the hand from the wrist to the base of the fingers) was resting on her dextral bare bust. No sooner did his thenar touch her smart bust than she sighed heavily and closed her eyes since it conduced to orgasm. As a result of his digital movement over her bare niblets, sinistro Mastos, she was in the trance fully absorbed in the flood of steamy emotions. As if it were a hypnotic trance and extant ecstatic state, she couldn’t know the impact of her foreplay in the realm of sex.

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