THE STRUGGLE FOR AMOUR (Part 4, page 1 of 14)

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Part 4


Like Puttaparthi Sai Baba, Baskar as a Theurgist, succoured to the deserved in the temple but for mysterious reason he avoided Dr. Shyamala from knowing his Divine power for which he mesmerized her and made her sleep for some time.

You took rest more than necessary. I thought that you have started sleeping.”-When Baskar told her, she got discombobulation (confusion) and asked herself:” Did I sleep for a long time? It won’t be my wont. What must be the reason for my sleeping for a long time, that too during the day time? Have I been hypnotized? If so, Baskar must be the cause for it. What makes him do it?.......”

Baskar patted her back while walking with her in the outer sanctum or corridor of the temple premises and convinced:” Last night you’d no sleep and you‘re exhausted and dull without sleep. So you started sleeping here in the temple. That’s all. Why do you fuss over this matter?”

Though it seems to be a convincing reply to her, yet she’d a trace of doubt on him. “In my life, I‘d no siesta, how can it be possible?” Shyamala thought herself.

“I know that you’re not credulous in all matters but in this matter you’ve to believe it.” Baskar stressed.

While circumambulating the outer Pragara of the temple (outer sanctum of the temple premises) with Shyamala, the old lady whom Baskar asked to bring her blind son, was in search of him and at the sight of him, she ran near to him and with folded hands, ”Swamiji, as per your instruction, I’ve brought my blind son. Here he is.” She showed him her blind son.

The blind boy was a teen aged boy and with his folded hands he wept and implored Baskar:” Swamiji, you‘re my succor. Please help me and cure my blindness.”

Baskar took pity on him and comforted him:’” Never worry, my boy. Here I am to cure your blindness. Don’t worry. Whom do you wish to see as soon as you receive vision?”

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