The Secret Life of a Sex Addict (Part 1, page 2 of 4)

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Part 1

"Are you all right?"

My pulse leaps as he takes my hand, I licked my glossy lips before answering. "I am fine"

He drags my hair to the side kissing my exposed neck.

"Mmmmm" I groaned

My body so over heated I could combust and I have already masturbated like eight times for the day and fuck him twice after lunch.

Blinking out of my semi daze, I tried to pull away, knowing that if I didn't we wouldn't be going anywhere tonight.

"Do you want some sex Rach before we leave?" checking the time on his gold watch, underneath his jacket exposing his onyx cuff links.

His voice so smooth and cultured, how could I resist sex?

Extrordinary sex

His eyes pinning me in place waiting for my answer as he removed his tie, giving me a wicked grin.

Richard was striking, drop dead gorgeous with his strong bone structure, square, smooth jaw and unruly chestnut hair. A business tycoon, owner of the largest computer software company in the globe.

Richard is power, sheer raw power.

My core clenched as thoughts flared, hot images, sexy, sinful images. I gasped as his fingers dug into my flesh

"Answer me" his voice stern and with authority.

"Yes please" I whispered dropping my long lashes to half mask.

I could scarcely remember much after giving my consent. My hands in his silky strands, his tie loop around my neck tightly.

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