The Secret Life of a Sex Addict (Part 1, page 1 of 4)

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Part 1

"Are you almost ready honey?" my husband calls from the bedroom area, knocking on the bathroom door loudly.

"Just one mintue love." placing another finger inside me.

I look at my reflection in the mirror, my face heated. Hating my I am ready to fuck look, it had absolutely no business been on my face right now as I placed another finger inside me, sliding it in and out my heated core.

"Y..Yes" I groaned through clenched teeth grinding down hard on my fingers, my body shaking violently as I grip the ceramic sink, my orgasm rocking my small frame.

Straightening my posture and smoothing out the silk fabric of my dress. I washed my hands before running them through my long red hair, firey red like the heat coursing through my veins.

Admiring the coolness of the icy blue dress, that hug my slight curves. The loose waves of my hair falling over my bare shoulders. I opened the door, smiling brightly like a good wife should, one who attends church service every sunday promptly at 8am.


My eyes drinking him in, my husband Richard Vanderwal, his brillantly blue irises boring into me as he strolled towards me, my lips parted to accomadate faster breaths, he smelled sinfully good. A frown flits his breath taking face.

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