THE ROYAL AFFAIR (Part 2, page 1 of 1)

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Part 2

Vikram was pacing the room waiting for her answer.

“Shnaya have you decided yet?”

“Vikram how can I take the most important decision of my life in five minutes?”

“Well you don't have any choice?”

“How can you say this? Of course I have the choice of not marrying you. You cannot force me in this.”

“Well it is your sister’s doing. If she would have married me then this mess wouldn't have been created.”

“But why can't you simply cancel the wedding?”

“Are you deaf ? Haven't I just mentioned that many royal guests have arrived.? What am I to say to them that my bride to be had an affairso she left me two days before the wedding.”

“But how can we get married? We are practically strangers ,we don't even know each other?”

“ What is there to know ?”

“I am Vikramaditya Singh, the prince of Rajgarh while you are the daughter of Mr Kunwarbir Verma. What else is there to know?”

“Well of course I know that but I mean as friends”

“I don't think we need to be friends. We are to be husband and wife so friendship is not required . As for knowing each other intimately I assure you I am a very capable lover. And we have our whole life together to know each other in that manner“

“But I don't want to marry you?”

“Why am I not suitable for you?”

“No of course not. Girls would die to marry you”

“Then why are you not ready?”

“Because I believe that marriage should be based on love . “

Vikram laughed ,”Oh so you are the romantic type who believes in love and happily ever afters.”

Shnaya felt humiliated,”Yes and I will marry when I fall in love.”

“Well sorry to break your dreams darling but you will have to marry me plus I don’t think I am not such a bad choice dear “,saying this he moved towards her, lifted her chin and gently brushed his lips on hers.

Shnaya was stunned. A gentle brush on her lips and her body had felt as if a bolt of electricity had passed through her body.

He had seen that Shnaya eyes had darkened and she had been affected with his kiss. Even after being an experienced man even he had felt something.

“I will give you an hour to decide I am leaving for now. “

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