THE ROYAL AFFAIR (Part 3, page 1 of 2)

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Part 3

As soon as Vikram left her father and step mom entered the suite

“What happened dear? Did you say yes ?”her stepmother asked her.

The samestepmother who a week before had taunted her that she should dress up properly and learn something from Maya ,since she wasn't pretty enough to catch someone like Vikram’s attention .

Maya was considered to be prettier because she was a society lady ,very popular among the gentlemen who tried to woo her. Shnaya was just the opposite she hated attention and preferred to remain in the background. She dressed well but was more comfortable in jeans rather than designer dresses or gowns.

She was beautiful but in a subdued way. She didn’t believe in flaunting her beauty nor was she an attention seeker.

Maya loved the attention she got from everywhere .Infact you would find her all dressed up even in the morning because she believed that one should always be prepared to meet a prospective groom.

She never worked while Shnaya was an established jewellery designer working with her father. Slowly her exclusive designs were becoming popular and her father was planning to launch her line separately in the London exhibition.

“No mom I refused “

“What? How could you do this to your father you ungrateful girl?”

“What have I done to him?”

“It's nothing for you to bother dear,”her father remarked.

“She has to learn the truth. Your father has taken some loans from Vikram for the new jewellery exhibition which is to take place in London.”

“Since Maya was to marry him he was in no hurry for repayment but now he is hinting that if this marriage does not go through he will ruin your father.”

“Is it true papa?”

“Yes my dear but you needn't worry I will find some solution but I will not force you to marry him.”

Shnaya left the suite to think over this new situation.

She went to her brother’s suite to understand the situation .

“Ajay is this true?”

“What Shnaya?”

“This situation of father taking a loan from Vikram”

“Well. I don't have the details but yes it is true. But listen Shnaya, father will find a solution you don't think about it.”

“But what about Vikram threatening him?”

“I think he will convince Vikram . You don't have to marry him or take responsibility for Maya’s actions .You have already helped her so many times .Now let her face the repercussions of this step.”

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