THE ROYAL AFFAIR (Part 9, page 1 of 2)

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Part 9

Tonight was her mehndi so she wore a light sea green colour lehnga .

Her face was devoid of any makeup because mehndi would be applied over her entire body.

She was made to sit in the centre and one by one members of her family would apply the mehndi which had come from Vikram's house.

Even Vikram's family was invited. His mother was a nice lady and she seemed to be happy with their wedding. It was his chachi who seemed to be pretending to be happy.

While applying mehndi she slyly remarked," You are one lucky girl Shnaya . Who would think that with your ordinary looks you could ensnare a prince and that too of Vikram's stature?"

Her stepmother joined his chachi in letting her down. "Actually you are right ,Vikram and Maya were suited to each other. God knows why Vikram changed his decision?"

Shnaya and her stepmother had hostile relations. She knew that her stepmother barely tolerated her but at least tonight she could have taken Shnaya's side.

Actually Indu was jealous of Shnaya taking her daughter's place .Vikram was extremely rich and Maya would have lived comfortably with him. She was suitable as a future maharani but God knows why she had run away and that too with a loser.

The Maharani came to her rescue. "Jaya , Shnaya is lovely and her nature is such that she will be a good maharani in the future .I totally approve of my sons choice."

She then kissed Shnaya on her forehead," God bless you my dear . Welcome to the family. I now have a daughter in addition to a son."

After the mehndi ritual was completed the sangeet started. Members of both the families danced to various bollywood songs

Ajay danced first but then he sang a brother and sister rakhi song which brought tears in Shnaya's eyes and the two hugged each other

Then Shnaya father also hugged her but Indu just disappeared from the scene

After that everyone had dinner and retired to their respective rooms since tomorrow was the royal wedding.

At around 2 AM Shnaya heard a noise at her window. It was as if someone was knocking when she opened the window, she was shocked to find Vikram standing outside .

"Vikram what are doing here in the middle of the night?"

Vikram had a silly look on his face. It made him look much younger then his age.

"Darling I was missing you in my party so I decided to give you a visit because you must be missing me as well."

"Such arrogance. Why would I miss you? I enjoyed the party with my family. Secondly if you were missing me you could have called, you needn't come in person"

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