THE ROYAL AFFAIR (Part 8, page 2 of 2)

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Part 8

She removed her dupatta and removed her earings .

Vikram put one earing in her ear and kissed her earlobe then he put the other one and nibbled on her other ear.

His touch was very sensual and she gasped in ecstasy.

The simple act of helping her with the earings was so erotic that Vikram’s lips moved from her ear to her long neck and then to her bare shoulders .

He then moved lower and kissed her breasts without removing her top.

Shnaya was so lost in the sensations that her knees buckled and she was about to fall. Vikram captured her in his arms, lifted her and placed her on the bench before stealing a hot kiss on her lips.

“Shnaya now this will help me to spend the night without you “

“I am eagerly waiting for my wedding night .This is going to be a tough 48 hours waiting.”

Shnaya blushed and Vikram left chuckling.

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