THE ROYAL AFFAIR (Part 8, page 1 of 2)

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Part 8

The next morning Shnaya woke up feeling happy .She was not sure why but she knew that she had started developing feelings forVikram or maybe they had been their before but she had suppressed them

Oh she was so confused but happy.

Today was their mehndi and sangeet. Vikram’s family was invited but Vikrram was not. Infact the youngsters were invited to the bachelor party to take place in a famous disco in Udaipur

In the afternoon Shnaya received a call from Vikram. He was waiting for her in the garden and asked her to be there in five minutes .When Shnaya refused he threatened to enter her room.

Shnaya was wearing her usual jeans and a halter neck top but since he had already reached there was no time to change.

She went to the garden quietly avoiding her relatives by wearing a dupatta on her dress

Vikram was wearing jeans with a U S Polo t shirt. She had never seen him in casual clothes. was always dressed formally in suits or ethnic royal dresses.

In this casual dress he was looking much younger and even more handsome .

“So my dear fiancé has taken her precious time to meet me?”

“Vikram you know our customs. We are not supposed to meet now.”

“I value my traditions but I am quite modern in my approach.

Moreover I had to check on you. What if you ran off like your sister?”

“Vikram, When I have agreed to marry you I will never run away. I love my father to much to risk running away.”

“And I thought it was my looks that were persuading you to stay. You know Shnaya you are too bad for my ego.”

“Vikram have you come here to argue with me. You said it was important that is why I came here. Please be quick as someone might see us.”

“Well my darling bride to be I had a gift I wanted to give you.”

It was a small box.

When she opened it, it had a pair of exquisite earings of diamond and green emerald .

“I know you are a jewellary designer yourself and your father is a world famous jewellar but when I saw this pair I wanted it for you.”

“Oh Vikram they are so beautiful I just love them,” she had tears in her eyes because no one had ever gifted her something so precious .

“Shnaya can you wear them for me ?”

“Vikram why don't help me with them?”

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