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Part 6

Vikram held her hand and seated her in his Jaguar .The interiors of the car were lavish. Everything was jet black .

Shnaya was used to luxury so a Jaguar was not new to her but this seemed to be personalised for Vikram.

When Vikram saw her looking closely at the interior he informed her,”Yes the interior of this car has been renovated according to my requirements. Query solved?”

Some times she was surprised that he could read her so clearly .

“Darling your face is very expressive, especially your large brown eyes .I can easily read all your expressions”

“I am sure you are quite experienced at reading other girls expressions?”

“You can ask me directly regarding my sexual experiences you have a right to know about my past affairs.”

“ No no, I didn't mean that”

She blushed again .Vikram was amused because women in his circle were cunning and shrewd so they never blushed.

He started his car .

The entire way they were silent. Shnaya had opened the windows her long hair was flowing with the wind and landing on her face repeatedly .

They were just near the hotel when he stopped the car.

“Vikram what happened ? Something wrong with the car?”

“No nothing darling”

“I was just hoping to get something from my wife”

“What ?”

Before she could respond his head had bent and his lips had captured hers in a kiss.

This kiss was nothing like the previous one. It was a full blown hot kiss.

She tasted so sweet as sweet as honey just as he had imagined .

Initially she resisted but when he deepened the kiss she couldn't stop him. Infact she kissed him back.

She looked in his eyes and was surprised to find them full of desire for her.

Vikram had known that Shnaya was a passionate woman behind her cool and calm demeanour but he had not known the extent of her passion.

He was going to enjoy taming her and making love to her.

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