THE ROYAL AFFAIR (Part 7, page 2 of 3)

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Part 7

But he was not the only one affected his cousin Vishal was also looking at her with lust filled eyes .He wanted to scratch Vishal’s eyes from his face


“Didi where is Maya and why is Shnaya dressed like it’s her engagement ?” asked his chachi.

“That's because Vikram is being engaged to Shnaya not Maya?”

“When did this happen?”

“Vikram informed me today only that he wanted to marry Shnaya and he had already informed her family.”

“Why would his family refuse ? Who doesn't want to be a part of the royal family with all its riches?”

Vikram was listening to his chachi, he interrupted her. “Chachi Shnaya’s father is one of the richest jewellers of Rajasthan. They have loads of money, so rest assured that they are not after our money. So keep your opinions to yourself and enjoy the functions .”

The rings were exchanged between them and then the elders blessed them.

“Shnaya you are looking very beautiful “

“You are not looking too bad yourself”

“Well that's a nice compliment from my bride to be.”

After that all the guests were served dinner. After dinner Vikram asked her if she would like to take a walk.

Shnaya took him to her favourite spot- the garden facing Fatehsagar lake

It was a full moon night At night time only a limited number of lights were on and both of them sat on a bench.

Vikram looked at Shnaya. She was looking even more beautiful in moonlight. She was looking like a seductress who was hell bent on his seduction.

He traced the outline of her lips with his fingers.

It was a seductive touch and Shnaya opened her lips with a sigh.

“The entire evening I have been yearning to do this”

He crushed her lips with his and she surprised him by responding with a passionate kiss..

“Shnaya you don’t know how I have restrained myself ? If it would have been possible you would be in my bed right now screaming my name after an earth shattering orgasm.”

Shnaya was shocked on hearing Vikram speak like this.

She moved away from the bench but Vikram pulled her back. She landed on his lap. Before she could react he had again captured her lips in a hot kiss.

“Vikram we need to go. Everyone will be searching for us.”

“Hey we are a newly engaged couple. We do need some time to ourselves.”

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