THE ROYAL AFFAIR (Part 7, page 1 of 3)

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Part 7

“Let’s go inside and give the good news to our family .”

Vikram walked hand in hand with Shnaya to her father’s suite.

“Sir we have good news for you Shnaya has agreed for the wedding .

The engagement will take place today only and all the dates for all functions will remain the same.”

“Ok I now take leave since I need to get ready for the evening.”

Shnaya’s father was shocked,”Beta are you sure?”

“Yes papa I am sure. Vikram is a good man. I am sure he will keep me happy.”

“Kunwar if the girl says she is sure than believe her. Darling you are a life saver”, mocked her step mom Indu.

Shnaya had another problem what to wear for the evening since she would not wear Maya’s dress.

However her problem was solved. In half an hour a very famous Rajasthani designer arrived in her suite with ten outfits.

She selected a beautiful royal blue pure chiffon saree with light embroidery at the borders. Her blouse was deep cut . She had never worn such revealing clothes but the designer assured her that it was the latest fashion and the clothes were quite decent .

Her hair was left open with curls at the end .

For jewellary she wore one of her designs, a peacock blue coloured necklace of neelam stones and matching long earings .

When Indu looked at her ,she was stunned at the transformation because Shnaya was looking gorgeous. Still out of jealousy she remarked,”Well makeup can actually do wonders you . Darling are the perfect example.”

Ajay had heard his stepmom bitching about Shnaya .He cut her

sentence ,”Shnaya you are looking so beautiful my little sis. Vikram is a lucky man.”

Shnaya blushed.

Vikram and his family had arrived for the ceremony .

He was accompanied with his mother since the Maharaj was not well . His family included two cousin brothers and one cousin sister whom he loved very much and his chacha and chachi.

His chacha and chachi were not very happy with the marriage because they had thought that Vikram was a confirmed bachelor so eventually the throne would go to their sons . When Vikram had declared that he would marry his chachi had offered to get him married to her niece but Vikram had refused .

Vikram was looking extremely handsome in the blue sherwani . His eyes were searching for Shnaya .

When she entered the ballroom he was speechless. She was simply gorgeous. The blue saree highlighted her fair complexion. Her blouse hinted at her breasts and he couldn't take his eyes off her .

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