THE ROYAL AFFAIR (Part 4, page 2 of 2)

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Part 4

“Vikram I am not ready for the physical aspect of our marriage .”

“An hour back you were not ready to marry me but now you are so you will be ready by the time we get married .”

Saying this he moved towards her , his fingers tracing the outlines of her face. She shivered under his touch.

“Thirdly this marriage is for keeps. We have never had a divorce in our family and there will never be onein future .”

This looked more like a contract than a marriage.

“Now I have a question . If I agree to this marriage no harm will come to my father ?”

“Once you marry me we become one family so the question of me hurting your father who will also become my father will never arise”

“I have money to burn so I will not even ask the loan back”

“No but we will give you your money back be assured of that.”

Vikram was surprised at her righteousness.

“Ok fine any thing else or should I leave?”Shnaya asked Vikram.

“Nothing for the moment.”

“You are now my future wife so you will not go alone. I will drop you in my car.”

“But I have my car?”

“But you have no security. My chauffeur will bring you car. You will come with me.”

There was no such need but Vikram was enjoying teasing her because when she was angry her cheeks turned pink and she looked more lovely.

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