THE ROYAL AFFAIR (Part 4, page 1 of 2)

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Part 4

Vikram had been waiting for her. For the first time he was nervous waiting for her decision.

Shnaya was beautiful . She had an untouched aura around her which Vikram had noticed many times .She was taller than Maya with curves at all rhe right places. She was a real woman while Maya was like a dressed up doll.

Shnaya entered the presidential suitein Taj Lake palace where Vikram was stayingIt was stunning. There was a direct view of the lake from the living room and one of the bedroom..It was huge with two bedrooms, one living room and one dining area All the furnishings were top notch with beautiful paintings of famous Rajasthani painters adorning the walls .

Vikram seated her on the sofa and satnext to her .His nearness was creating weird sensations in her. Already she was attracted to him but when he looked at her in this manner her heartbeat increased.

“So have you made the decision yet darling?”

“I am not your darling.”

“But I can call my wife any name”

“I am not your wife”

“But in two days you will bemy wife.”

“How can you be so sure ?”

“Well your presence here is the proof enough. Ok let’s not argue .So what have you decided ?”

She stammered ,”well ll “

Vikramwas amused because he knew Shnaya was a spitfire andit was amusing to see her nervous.

“Yes speak up Shnaya I am a busy man”

She just blurted ,”Ok I am ready.”

“What ? Can you repeat what you said?”

She knew he had heard but was pretending,”I said I am ready .”

“You are acting as a sacrificial lamb. You should be happy you will become the princess of Raj garh.”

“As if I care”

“Ok I am leaving .”

“Not so soon Shnaya . We need to clarify a few things.”

“I have agreed to marry you so what else is there to discuss ?”

“Just sit Shnaya,” Vikram ordered her.

His tone was serious and business like so she sat down.

“ We will not show that this marriage was decided today but our guests should believe that we fell in love and so our parents decided to get us married. In this way reputation of both the families will be saved.”

“How the hell could she show that she loved him when she actually hated him for blackmailing her into this marriage ?”

“Ok what else ?”

“Secondly this marriage will be real in terms which means that we will stay as proper husband and wife.”

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