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Part 1


Everything was perfect .The ballroom was decorated with a white and pink theme for the engagement party. The entire ballroom was decorated with white lilies and pink roses.

All the tables were covered with white silk tablecloth and pink runners . On each round table were four emptychampagne glasses waited to be filled after the ceremony . Each table hadpink roses in a silver vase.

The stage also had elaborate flower settings . The stage had two redthrones with precious stones giving it a glittering appearance . White and pink ribbons and sashes were used to style the chairs

All in all everything was giving the ballroom a fairytale, look just the way Maya wanted it to be. Shnaya had personally looked at each arrangement .

After all it was the most sought after wedding -the wedding of the scion of royal family of Rajgarh Mr Vikramaditya Singh with Maya Verma the daughter of Verma jewellers ,one of the richest jewellers of Rajasthan specially famous for their royal clients.

Shnaya was the younger step sister of Maya. She was a jewellery designer herself. Her polki and kundan designs were the most famous. Her jewellery was exclusive because one design one piece. She never repeated her designs.

The engagement and wedding were taking place at Radisson Blu Resort and Spa Udaipur where the bride’s familywere staying while the reception was at Taj Lake Palace where the groom’s family were staying.

After being satisfied with everything she had wandered to her favorite place in the hotel,the lobby which opened to FatehSagar lake.

She just loved the view where she could sit here for hours observing the ducks swimming in the lake, the birds flying over and the families enjoying their boating trip.

She was lost in her thoughts when she heard someone calling her.

“Shnaya Shnaya where are you? Your dad is calling you. He is saying it's urgent .”

Papa is calling so it must be something important. Shnaya rushed to her father’s suite

She was shocked to find her father Mr Kunwarbir Verma, step mom Indu ,her brother Ajay and even Vikram in the room with a frown on their faces.

Her stepmother seemed to be crying while her father was consoling her .Her brother was quiet while Vikram seemed to be furious .

Vikram the scion of the royal family of Rajgarh ,who would eventually become king.Vikram was heart stoppingly handsome.He must be six feet three inches tall with a wheatish complexion,brown eyes,jet black hair and a perfectly sculpted body. He must be around thirty years of age ,roughly eight years her senior .

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