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Part 2

Every so often while Stephanie was young she remember grandma working on the lining of her box springs. Now she might be able to buy her a new bed. She thought grandma would be so happy.

She asked the farmer and his wife if she could hitch a ride to town with them. She bought a new box springs and mattress with her babysitting money and arranged delivery for the next Monday. She gave them her telephone number.

Early that Monday morning when the phone rang Stephanie was out feeding the chickens. The store told her grandma they was headed out to deliver the bed. By the time they got there Stephanie was now feeding the farmer's dairy cows.

Grandma asked the two young men if they would set the box springs and mattress on the floor in the little room that she had used as a sewing room. When Stephanie came back she asked her why the delivery man hadn't taken the old box springs and mattress.

She thought her grandma would be very happy but she wasn't. She told her that she shouldn't have spent so much money on her. Then grandma hugged her and thanked her for her new box springs and mattress

She also told Stephanie never to get rid of the old box springs for any reason, either by throwing it away or giving it away. Stephanie had never heard or seen her grandmother so displeased about that old box springs and mattress.

Grandma told her they were still in good shape and the little boy who Stephanie had just began babysitting could use it to take a nap in the afternoon on. She said it would be safer for him than any other bed or the sofa.

He wouldn't be falling off and getting hurt. The next day while Stephanie was helping to pull weeds out of the herb garden her grandmother had a couple of the teen agers help her to take the mattress off and turn the box springs over. She had two more patches to sew onto the lining.

It was done in no time and they had the floor bed back to order. From now on she would sew the patches on top of the box springs. When Stephanie got her paycheck she was old enough to drive.

In her state if they go to school or work they can get their drivers license a half a year sooner. Stephanie studied for her drivers license then took her test and was given a license. The lady at the license office looked at her weird when she proved she had a job to get her license. When she got home she looked at the license.

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