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Part 3

With a record Marsha couldn't find jobs as a cashier, a bank teller, selling ice cream. Any where she had to handle money. Tha farm worker was about it. She really did try to stay clean but it happened again. The farmer found her shooting up in one of his barns.

He got her to let him take her home. The next day knowing he was going to tell her probation official she decided to leave, She wasn't going back to rehab or jail. She started ram sacking the house trying to find Stephanie's car keys.

She called her friend to come and help her. He showed up even higher than she was. He started slapping grandma Martha asking her where Stephanie hid the keys. Marsha was yelling for him to stop. He wanted to know if any one had any amount of cash on them.

Stephanie heard the commotion and came running into the house. This time right into the hands of a strung out protental murder. She gave him the keys to her car while her mother was trying to scoot the table over a few feet.

He wasn't going to leave without killing somebody unless he got money. Stephanie gave him the six hundred dollars hoping he would leave but he demanded more than that. He told her if she got that for turning tricks like her old momma she had to have more and want it now

Marsha finally got the table moved and found the loose hardwood board. She reached in and took out a little bag and threw it at him. He yelled I knew you were hiding my stash from me. I should just shoot you now and end your miserable life.

Stephanie asked her mother where she got all of that money. That man told her baby cakes your old lady has been turning tricks and selling drugs for me. You can come to and get in on the game. I'm sure there would be plenty of Johns willing to pay high bucks for you.

Marsha told him to leave her alone and picked up a knife to defend her. He left after she put a good slash on his arm. He threatened to come back and get even with all three of them just like he did Ruby and Samatha.

When he heard police sirens getting closer to the house he ran taking Stephanie's car and the bag of money. Marsha was still reeling from the drug she had shot up. When the police got their reports Marsha told the officers that she had shot up with the man in one of the barns.

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