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Part 1

Stephanie Louann Jennings like most young almost adults was allowed to be a child when she was little. She believed inmost if not all holidays, even though her mother wouldn't let her participate in any of the fun things that went along with those holidays.

She remembered that when she was five her mother got mad because the church was having a Christmas party along with another church of the same denomination in a bigger town. Her mother flatly refused to let her go even though the party was held in their little town.

Santa was going to be there and all she wanted was one doll. The last Christmas she got a doll but it was just a little three inch flexible one that the dog next door chewed it's head off. This one she wanted it t be a walking doll that talked. She knew if she couldn't go then he wouldn't know what she wanted.

She watched out her room's window until she saw him getting out of his horse drawn sleigh then ran out the back door. When she got close enough she yelled please Santa stop so I can tell you what I want. My momma won't let me come inside. Santa stopped for her and she gave him her list.

That Christmas a gift was left outside her window exactly where she asked him to. Her mother was furious with her until her grandma told her that she had gotten it for her and placed it outside of her window where she could see it. It was the doll she asked for.

Her grandmother went to that church but for some reason her mother didn't go and wouldn't allow Stephanie to go with grandma. Her grandma wasn't allowed to take any pictures of her to show the other members of her church.

What Stephanie didn't know at that time the preacher was Santa and knowing that her grandmother couldn't afford things that cost over a dollar or two . The money had was spent to pay their bills and food.

The doll she got the year before came out of the church's toy box. Her grandmother washed the doll's hair and clothes. He bought it with the permission of the deacons and placed it under her window where she found it Christmas Day. She had very little contact with other children.

She attended a home schooled program at a retired school teacher's home. There were only three children that attended the home school. The other two children was disabled and couldn't get around at the regular school and wasn't at the teacher's house when Stephanie was

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